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About: Amber Wallace

Amber Wallace


2018 WEGO Health Awards Best Kept Secret Winner

Sup Ya'll? I'm Amber! I have Crohn's disease, and had a complete colectomy. I now live life with an ostomy bag, and a HUGE SMILE. I desire to use humor and light heartedness to help educate and encourage other Ostomates. I want my YouTube channel, and other social media platforms to be a place where patients can not only learn, but be encouraged to live their life to the fullest. Life without a colon, and with a bag is pretty rad, and I like showing people that! I love Jesus, people, and queso dip.

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Top 3 Tips for Patients Facing a New Diagnosis

Facing a new diagnosis may bring fear, anxiety and a search on Dr. Google (only to reveal the worst possible scenarios of course). Fortunately, there are hundreds of patient communities and leaders online ready to embrace and support you as you begin your patient journey. WEGO Health Awards Best Kept Secret Patient Leader, Amber Wallace,…

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