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Healthy Weight Week Guest Post: Why Your Reps are Stealing Your Results

Today’s guest post is written by Troy Anderson,owner of Anderson Training Systems a fitness and sport performance business located in Tempe, Arizona.   Specializing in providing no-nonsense unconventional training tools and methods such as kettlebells, sandbags, and suspension training since 2003 as the vehicle for athletes and fat loss clients, to achieve optimal RESULTS.

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That title might sound odd but there is a ton of truth in that dirty little secret of getting fit  and losing fat.

You see just like all calories are NOT created equal, the same holds true for reps in your exercise program.

Sure just getting out there and getting started doing something is great; why do you think so many people start their resolutions with a walking/running as their ‘exercise of choice’.

Because it comes in the form of non-scary ‘reps’ they feel like they can do safely.

Regardless of exercise of choice, things are going to have to change probably much sooner than you anticipate; otherwise you are like to fall victim to the “NoResults Syndrome” and we all know what that can do to a fitness routine…sink it!

As a matter of fact the one thing we need to embrace when it comes to our fitness lives is the constant tweaks and changes needed to keep success coming, no the Brazilian Butt-LIft Routine won’t work the same on Rd 99 as it did on Rd 1.

Here are two simple tips you can adjust without a whole lot of extra effort:

1) Get Better – When most people start a new workout routine their form is pretty pitiful but if you work to get BETTER instead of just get DONE.

You will actually burn more calories with better QUALITY reps because they have a bigger range of motion;  meaning you’ll have  more and better reps = a perfect recipe for success.

2) Set a Benchmark – once you know what quality smell, tastes, and feels like you’ll be much less likely to go back ‘2nd hand slop’ at least when it comes to exercise.

In our live coaching classes we like use monthly benchmarks, that you use to compete against and challenge your best self, and if you happen to get into a friendly competition so be.

The upside to using an appropriate programmed bench mark is 3 fold:

  1. You get a chance to understand the difference that recovery makes.  A lot of times our clients will perform worse or not improve as much and this gives them direct insight as to how BIG the connection is between ALL aspects of their lives.
  2. In order to get the ‘reward’ of getting better you’ll have to get out your of comfort zone this is why our benchmarks are usually have a time limit so clients have to push more good reps into less time = more valuable workout.
  3. Tangible even though your nutrition might not have been right during the last 30 days at least you will have some form of tangible improvement that you can grab on to and this is undoubtedly the breed ground for continued and future successes.

So try out these two simple tactics for making your exercise program more effect and more valuable; and remember to build a foundation of quality first, then attack your benchmark challenge with zeal of faster and better results.




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