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Healthy Weight Week Guest Post: Toxicity & Body Weight

Today’s guest post is written by Dr. Colleen Trombley-VanHoogstraat from drmomonline.com

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In my experience, one of the most commonly overlooked components of successfully losing excess weight and body fat is toxicity.

Toxicity and deficiency are the two underlying causes of virtually every chronic and degenerative illness we experience today, from obesity to cancer, fertility issues to gastrointestinal and digestive disorders, and so much more.

Toxicity (a stressor) can come from obvious things, like nutritional toxicity, chemical toxicity, and environmental toxicity. But it can also come from other sources that are more subtle, like emotional & mental stress, chronic sleep deprivation, chronic use of medication, sedentary living, and much more.

If the cells cannot effectively release accumulated toxicity, they become “congested”. This throws off the body’s hormonal communication and resulting metabolism. You’ve got to address cellular toxicity in order to truly be healthy.

Here’s the catch, when it comes to toxicity, weight loss and body fat…

Our body’s innate intelligence wants to protect our most vital organs and systems from the dangers of toxicity. So, it has a brilliant plan.

When we are toxic, the body will do two things to protect itself from damage:

1) The fat cells we’ve already got will become larger in an effort to create a protective buffer against the toxic onslaught;
2) We can ‘grow’ more fat cells in order to accomplish this same goal – protection.

The greater the toxic exposure, the greater the size and number of fat cells.

Hmmm… knowing this, don’t you think this would be the #1 focus of all weight loss and fat loss programs?

Clearly, it’s not!

In fact, oftentimes the food, energy bars, protein shakes, and “nutritional” supplements included in popular mainstream weight loss programs are the most toxic of all!

It’s completely backwards!

Here’s a different way to think about shedding excess pounds of toxic fat: When we properly detoxify starting the level of the cell, we create healthier cells and systems in the body. The body’s metabolism becomes much more effective and the body has a significantly easier time getting rid of the toxic excess once we help remove the burden from congested cells.

A healthier body has an easier time achieving and maintaining a healthy body composition.

So, when choosing our next meal or snack, or filling your grocery cart, instead of counting calories and fat grams, the most important choices we can make involve the quality and source of the food we’re consuming.

Who cares if something’s “low-calorie” and “low-fat” if it’s completely toxic? The toxicity will cause us to hang onto our fat, possibly create even more fat, and worst of all, it causes us to lose our health and increase our risk factors for chronic and degenerative illness in the process.

Our focus should be on choosing non-toxic sources of protein, like grass-fed, pastured meats, poultry and eggs, and wild fish from deep, cold water. We should choose fats and oils that are from natural sources, like real (raw) butter, pure coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, and raw nuts & seeds, not highly processed synthetic sources like the highly refined polyunsaturated vegetable oils we see lining store shelves now. We should be choosing an abundance of fresh veggies and some fruit, all as non-toxic as possible. We also benefit by incorporating traditionally fermented foods as well.

These are the foods that fuel. This fuel provides the foundation for better function in the body, and therefore, better metabolism.

Of course, we’ll see even better health and better weight loss efforts the more we can avoid or eliminate the most toxic foods, like sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors & flavors, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, hydrogenated & partially hydrogenated fats, excitotoxins (MSG, autolyzed yeast extract, vegetable protein, etc.), modern soy, conventional corn and its derivatives, and pretty much any and all “diet” food.

A body seeking healthy function doesn’t need energy drinks, caffeine, junk food, conventional grains – especially gluten, conventional dairy, low-fat & diet foods, pop, or a gazillion other “foods” that are marketed to us.

Our bodies’ cellular requirements are pretty simple, actually.

So, if you’ve reached a plateau with your weight loss, or don’t even know where to start, consider your level of chronic toxicity.

Maybe it’s time to work with someone who can guide you in safe and effective detoxification of the systems of your body, and help you re-create a healthy recipe for success to truly fuel your body for the future.

Then, you’ll see your desired weight LOSS as well as life-enhancing health GAINS!




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