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Health Activist Resolutions – Rebecca

Today’s Health Activist Resolution Post is written by Rebecca Moller of
http://dystoniaandme.wordpress.com and https://twitter.com/dairyfree92


I have a few goals and resolutions for this year, which I shall list below.

1) My main goal that I shall be focusing on this year is bringing awareness to the condition Dystonia, as particularly in the medical society, the majority of Doctors no nothing about it and consequent are poor in the practice. I plan on achieving this goal through blogging, tweeting, facebook, writing letters to hospitals and meeting with MPs. I have already met with my local MP this year, and plan on trying to meet more.

2) I have heard that some people have found that exercising helps their Dystonia, so I am going to give this a go.

4) I am also learning how to meditate. as again this is meant to help with Dystonia.

5) My final goal is to try and find health website or magazine who will let me write an article a twice a month for them.



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