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Healthy Weight Week Guest Post: Melissa McAllister

Today’s guest post is written by Melissa McAllister from http://www.melissamadefitness.com/

You can also find Melissa at: @melissamade


Many times you hear the term, “Healthy Weight.” Well, what does that truly mean. Let me take a few minutes and help try and make that muddy term a little more clear.

First off, take that averaged out chart you see that takes your height and weight and then tells you whether or not you are in the, “Healthy Range.” You cannot gauge a persons health based solely on their height and weight…impossible. There has to be factors considered like bone mass, muscle mass and body fat. In my many years of working with clients, this creates a huge variance!

Finding YOUR healthy weight will take some patience. As you may have read, we do have a set point that our body is comfortable with. Usually this is right above our healthy weight. Do you know what that weight is for you?? It’s not “On Vacation” weight or “Eating Only A Fruit Diet” weight…it’s the weight you are when you conscientiously try to eat well most days but slip up on the weekends for instance.

Your Healthy Weight is 9 times out of 10 right below your Set Point. Good news is you can help your body create a new set point closer to or at your Healthy Weight. All this takes is a comfortable pair of sneakers and a little more conscience eating.

Starting tomorrow (right?), I want you to incorporate a bit more exercise than you are doing now. If you are walking, walk 1 or 2 more days or pick up the pace for a block. If you are taking an aerobics class, add another day or increase your intensity. If you are doing nothing…do something!

On top of that, schedule your meals. I’m not asking you to precook or preplan…just be conscience about it. I, as an example, eat at 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm and 7pm. This keeps me from snacking and mindlessly eating.

Lastly, let’s cut back your calories enough for your metabolism to notice but not your stomach. If you take out 500 calories a day (that’s just 100 a meal), you will lose a pound a week. Add the exercise and that could double.

Make this a habit and you will get closer and closer to your Healthy Weight and look and feel amazing!





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