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Healthy Weight Week Guest Post: Kathy Basel

Today’s guest post is written by Kathy Basel of http://kathybasel.com/category/blog/

You can also find Kathy at: @kathy_basel


The #1 problem I see as it relates to embarking on a weight loss journey is that 98% of us don’t love our bodies. OK, they’re not ready for some pin-up poster according to this society’s viewpoint of what a desirable body looks like, but truly your body has done a lot of magnificent things for you, taken you everywhere you’ve wanted to go and done nearly everything you’ve asked of it.

In our frenetic worlds, we are disconnected from our bodies and casting judgment and conclusion at them. Does this make you feel light and expansive or heavy and contracted?

Bingo! Heavy and contracted.

If you are looking to lighten your load, so to speak, how about starting with a little appreciation?! If you take just a moment now, put your hands on your face and truly feel it, breath into it and say “thank you body, I know I’ve been a little crazed lately and haven’t told you lately I appreciate you. I do.”

Does that bring a little lightness to your beingness?

What if your body is space? Science tells us that molecules are 99% space. So that’s not malleable or changeable based on what? Your point of view! Even if you are not acutely aware of what thoughts you are casting at your body, you are shaping it and your entire life in every second of every day.

Cool! You are powerful indeed! So how about we focus on our thoughts. Focus on coming into communion with this wonderful, sensual, intuitive, creative body of ours. Ask it, “hey body, what would you like to eat today?” or “how would you like to move or play today?” or “how would you like to be touched today?”

And listen.

You may be surprised. You don’t need to eat all you think you need. You don’t need to work out as hard or long as you think you need. You may truly enjoy new ways of be-ing in your body and the support and love it has for you.

You may even find you love it back. You love your body!

How does it get any better than that?




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