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Health Activist Resolutions: Mary Otte

Today’s Health Activist Resolution Post is written by Mary Otte, Caregiving Health Activist from www.parentgiving.com

You can also find Mary at: http://twitter.com/parentgiving


Thank you for the opportunity to express new goals and fresh beginnings in 2013! That’s exactly where I’m at right now, looking wide eyed–as if in second childhood–at the fast approaching horizons. I’ve been a career writer, both freelance and staff, for the past ten years, but it wasn’t until last spring, when I started working at Parentgiving, Inc., that I realized how I’d like to focus my writing energy for the decades to come. Parentgiving.com is an online resource for caregivers and seniors, with the goal of helping adult children provide their parents with the best care possible via a panel of experts, informative articles, thousands of products, and helpful buyer guides.

Through managing Parentgiving’s social media networks on Facebook and Twitter, as well as through writing articles on current health news and in-store products, I’ve made connections with many caring people, health activists, non-profits, interfaith support groups for seniors, and, of course, the people and organizations we work with and serve. These connections touched my heart and have inspired me to go back to school and earn a degree in gerontology, with a focus on creative Alzheimer’s and dementia care. My goal is to one day work as a geriatric care manager while continuing to write more and more meaningful content about aging, dementia, caregiving, removing stigmas, health/science news, and come what may…

Watch out 2013; I’m going back to school during your autumn beauty, with an abundance of new inspiration, encouragement and the desire to make the lives of others (my own life, too) better and filled with more compassion!

Hope you have a wonderful 2013! Thanks for all that WEGO Health does toward bettering health and wellbeing.




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