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Health Activist Resolutions: Ben Murphy

Today’s Health Activist Resolution Post is written by Ben Murphy, Parent Athlete and Health Activist, from www.BENMURPHYONLINE.com

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2013 looms ahead with infinite possibility, but what are my top three goals for the year as an athlete, family man, and wellness advocate?

1.) Speak out on the topic of GMO Food Labeling. We have the right to know what’s going into our bodies. There are many heavily-invested global corporations who don’t think we do. That needs to stop. Food containing GMO ingredients should be labeled as such. You’ll see me speaking out more and more on this topic in 2013.

2.) Set a good example as a Parent Athlete. I’m working hard, really hard, to practice what I preach. To be active, eat healthy, and lead an active family.

3.) Develop athletic opportunities in my own community for underserved youth. I’ve noticed that, for many of the inner city youth in our region, athletic opportunities are few and far between compared to what I had available as a kid. I’m going to be working with those in my area to make sure there are adequate athletic opportunities available in our underserved communities for youth who want them, as well as ensure that there is funding avilable to cover their participation. Most of us take for granted the privileged opportunity we have to go out and be active. But many kids can’t, for instance, leave their house and go for a run because it’s simply not safe to do so where they live. Imagine that. We need to work to change that in our own communities.



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