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5 reasons to watch Becoming an Empowered Patient—even if you don't have diabetes

WEGO Health has posted a new video in the Diabetes Mealtime Management Sharing Hub that features a topic that all health activists can benefit from learning more about: becoming more empowered.

Here are five great reasons to watch and share Becoming an Empowered Patient with your followers:


  1. Learn how members of the online diabetes community have grown into empowered patients
    Just because you know a lot about diabetes—or any health condition—doesn’t mean that you couldn’t benefit from advice on empowering yourself as a patient.
  2. Start a social conversation
    People love to share stories about how they learned to take control of their health. Encouraging this kind of positive conversation on your blog or social media forum can inspire those who are newly diagnosed or struggling with their health condition.
  3. Ronnie Gregory, The Poor Diabetic blog
    Ronnie Gregory, blogger and online community leader, offers great advice for viewing your medical team as partners in health management.
  4. Scott Benner, Arden’s Day blog
    If you are a parent or advocate for someone else’s health, you know that being empowered as a caregiver is important. Award-winning blogger and author Scott Benner brings a parental perspective to the video.
  5. Will Ryan, Joyful Diabetic blog
    Will Ryan is an excellent motivational speaker and blogger. He shares good insight on how people with health conditions can empower the role of patient.




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