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Meet the WEGO Health Activist Awards Judges – Day 1!

Thank you to everyone who got involved with the 2012 WEGO Health Activist Awards. We received a record number of nominations and, as we start our judging process, we wanted to take a moment to introduce our fabulous Judges!  You’ll meet all of our Judges – and learn why they’re excited to be participating – on the blog this week!

Abigail Cashelle

“I’m a chronic patient & I’m excited about the number of resources available to support those with chronic conditions. These can be hard to find, especially resources that are about maintaining sanity while living life responsibly with a chronic illness. I hope the process of being a judge can help me learn more about what’s available and help me help others make the best use of our collective experience.”


Patricia Minnigh

“I am excited to be a judge because there are so many people that are working hard to educate the rest of the world about celiac disease and the gluten free diet. I believe that they need to be recognized.”


Ellen Scnakenberg

“I love being chosen as a WEGO Health Activist Awards Judge, because being a part of honoring the many hours spent helping others and spreading a little joy has me SO EXCITED! I look forward to learning a lot about being a Health Activist from the nominees.”


Charlene Lizotte

I am very excited to meet contestants who have a passion for making Michigan’s healthcare a priority.”


Shawn Monshaugen

“Being a judge for the Health Activist Awards allows me to play a role in seeing to it that Health Activists get recognized and awarded for their effort in the health & fitness community. My long-term goal is to launch Fitnesearch.com where I can help more people live actively in health & fitness, so I think wegohealth.com is a great partner in sharing my mission.”


Dianna T. Chingos, MS, MFA

Rebie Relator

Heather Baley

Shelby Loewe




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