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Live Viewing – Health Activist How To: Analytics

As a leader of a health community, it’s important to keep an eye on your progress. You work hard on presenting the best info, stories, and truly connecting with others. A great way to check the pulse (medical puns are always welcome) of your community is through tracking and analytics. If you’ve ever wondered – I want to know which posts are my best and how people are finding my blog? We’ve got an upcoming video and live viewing event for you.


We know data and behind-the-scenes tracking isn’t everyone’s strong suit – but believe everyone has the right to see how they’re doing! So we’ve created this new webinar event to teach you more about Google Analytics, answer popular questions on the topic of tracking, and really help you get to know the back-end of your blog better.


We’re bring together our own metrics master Andrew Hopper to dig into Google Analytics and teach us all more about how we can utilize data to get to know our blogs better. Andrew will be delving into and MS and Ulcerative Colitis Health Activist Jackie Zimmerman‘s blog MSUnderstood to walk her through the analytics on her blog and answer her questions.  Andrew will discuss  the following topics:


  • How to install analytics tracking on your blog
  • Tracking metrics that really matter
  • Choosing the best analytics program for you
  • Setting your analytics goals and benchmarks
  • Interpreting your analytics and identifying progress and success
  • And more!


We’ll be recording the video webinar beforehand but hosting a live release and viewing party online for people to watch and comment together in real time. It’s going to be a fun new way to engage with content and get a great conversation going! RSVP to attend here and we’ll send you the details for attending our live viewing party this Monday at 4pm ET!


RSVP Here!


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