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New Event: Free Online Seminar – Arthritis and Osteoarthritis!

We know that Health Activists are always searching for more information on the topics that matter to them. That’s why we work to bring you lots of various opportunities to learn about new things that you can, in turn bring back to your online communities, blogs, and followers. That’s why we’re excited to share this upcoming event with you. It aligns perfectly with our goal of always helping to empower Health Activists, and is sure to offer a lot of new, interesting info! The event is a free, online seminar on Arthritis and Osteoarthritis.


This seminar is being being put on by Mytrus, a company whose mission is to help patients participate in clinical trials from their homes and via the internet. By doing this, they work to increase access for a wider audience, and offer more people the opportunity to control the treatments and medications that influence their health conditions.  In line with this goal, Mytrus wants to help educate the online community about specific health topics. They hope to make more information available to patients and their caregivers in the form of new online seminars like the one that’s happening next week.


Interested? Read below for more details.


What it’s about: Arthritis, with some focus on Arthritis in the knee and Osteoarthritis.

Who should attend: Anyone who is suffering from Arthritis, may be caring for someone suffering from Arthritis, or anyone who has an interest in Arthritis information and research.

When is it: Next week! Monday, September 12th.

What else should I know: This free, online seminar will present information from respected physicians who focus on Arthritis and Osteoarthritis and is limited to the first 150 registrations (so sign up now!)

How do I share this: Definitely share this with your community and invite anyone you think might be interested (friends, family, etc.) using this link: http://bit.ly/qPqTvP.  You can also retweet us @WEGOHealth or share our Facebook post to make sharing even easier.

REGISTER NOW: Arthritis Seminar


The folks here at WEGO Health will definitely be participating – we hope to see you there!



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