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Health Activists: Advocating for Others Webinar

This month we have a really special webinar planned that aligns perfectly with our theme Advocating for Others and is guaranteed to inspire you. For this live webinar, I will be joined by two amazing Health Activist parents who advocate every day for their children and the chronic conditions that have come into their family’s lives. A true testament to caregiving and passionate advocacy, these two women have made the journey from their child’s diagnosis to educating themselves to caregiving to invoking change in their lives and respective communities to teaming up with other parents and raising awareness. Their stories are different but their experiences will be valuable to anyone – whether you’re a caregiver, parent, friend, or a relative of someone living with health challenges. One of our panelists for the webinar, Marla M, is a Special Needs Health Activist who connects with other parents online through her community, Special Mom Entrepreneurs Club. She is also the author of “Jacob’s Journal – My Journey Home” and advocates for the Down Syndrome community. Our other panelist is Janeen Z, Food Allergy Parent and Health Activist who has shared so many wonderful tips with our community – everything from “going on vacation” with food allergies to involving the whole family and her personal struggles being a Food Allergy Parent.

Both our panelists will discuss how to go from addressing diagnosis to empowering yourself with information. There’s so much to talk about and they will share some important advice.

We’ll discuss how to:

  • educate yourself as a caregiver for your child
  • empower yourself to advocate for someone else
  • how to advocate for others as a caregiver
  • prepare yourself (and your child) for the outside world – school, other people, etc.
  • make a difference but stay healthy yourself
  • go from caregiver to  activist

Marla and Janeen will also be answering your questions in our live Q&A session. You can submit them live during the webinar or share them when you RSVP to attend.

I’m really excited to hear what they have to say. This is a webinar you won’t want to miss. Whether you like to hear the origin stories of how Health Activists got started with their advocacy (one of my favorite things!) or want tips for advocating as a caregiver and finding the support you need – there will be something for everyone.


Join us Monday, August 29th at 8pm ET and be sure to RSVP here and we’ll send you event details!

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