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Health Activist Blog Carnival – November Wrap Up

November may be over, but the Thanksgiving spirit lives on! For our latest Health Activist Blog Carnival we asked “What are 3 things you’re thankful for in your Health Activism? This topic allowed for some great reflection and an opportunity to see some trends in what we all value in our leadership journeys.

Here are a few highlights:

Susan is thankful for Perspective. She says, “I am extremely thankful for the perspective that comes with Health Activism. Sure, whatever I am facing today might be tricky, painful, horrible even… but the perspective to look around and realize that 1. It’s probably not as bad as someone else’s day 2. I am not alone and 3. I have a strong support network… is invaluable.”

In her reflection, Janeen thanked her Family. As she put it, “Being a Health Activist doesn’t come without compromise. The time I spend on the computer doing research or sharing information is time that I’m not spending with my family. But my family is always very understanding and always supportive. They are my cheerleaders. They are always there to lift me up when I am down, to cheer for me when I’ve done good, and to be my inspiration when I don’t think that I can keep going.”

Nicole thanks Awesome Autism Bloggers on the web. She said, “I had definitely heard of [Autism] before, but it wasn’t until I began really digging deep that I gained a true understanding of the condition…these bloggers are the perfect example of health activism. There are tons of great activists out there blogging for tons of causes, and I feel like I can learn from all of them, if only I had the time!

Emily gives a shoutout to her University, “As part of a program at my school, I took a yearlong class about HIV/AIDS in South Africa which required me to travel to Cape Town for two weeks. [There] I met HIV/AIDS activists who operated on extremely limited funds, but still managed to spread their message across the country and make a dramatic impact on their fellow citizens. It was also here that I realized that I too was a health activist!

Amy (and few others of us, myself included) thanked Social Media and Twitter in particular. Amy said it well, “Thank you for connecting me to resources and people I never even dreamed of being connected to. Thank you for fostering education, empowerment and better health for me and my family. Because of the “power of me” that I found by utilizing social media, I am healthier, more confident and have more hope. It is because of you that I am largely able to be a Health Activist, and for that, I cannot thank you enough.”

What a wonderful thought to end on!

Thank you to all of those who participated and be sure to read everyone’s blog posts if you haven’t yet. If you want to tell us what you’re thankful for – feel free to add a post to the discussion. And keep the holiday spirit going – we’ve got one more month left in 2010 so here’s to making the very best of it!


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