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Don’t miss our upcoming webinar: Continuing Health Activism with Chronic Pain!

Many of our health communities focus on the topic of chronic pain. And no matter what your condition specifically is, if your community members experience chronic pain and all of the challenges that come along with being in pain – it’s a uniquely taxing and integral topic that Health Activists must tackle. When your community begins to get into the depths of pain discussions – how do you pull them out and lift them up while still addressing the importance and relevancy of that pain? It’s not easy. Furthermore, as a Health Activist in pain, how do you find the energy to keep blogging, answering others’ questions, tweeting, or learning when that pain is physically occupying your body and your mind?

These are some tough questions that many Health Activists face on a daily basis. In fact, subject of chronic pain’s impact on health communities is so important, we at WEGO Health have decided to host a webinar about it. Our webinar is called “Continuing Health Activism with Chronic Pain” and it will delve into this very challenging subject by bringing together the experiences and smart minds of three amazing Health Activist leaders that work daily to manage the pain and keep their community’s spirits high. Our Health Activists that will be featured on this panel-style webinar are Julia from Reasonably Well Julia, Kelly from RA Warrior, and Amy K from Unavitabella and the Mental Health Social Media Chat (#MHSM). These ladies are seasoned Health Activists who not only write about chronic pain but also live with chronic pain themselves.

Our webinar will be held on November 22nd online at 8pm EST. All you need to do is RSVP on our Event Page and look out for a confirmation email with details and a link to the live webinar event. After hearing what these three awesome ladies have to share about their personal experiences with Chronic Pain and Health Activism, there will be an exclusive Q&A portion where they will answer your questions. If you have a particular question in mind, feel free to leave it in the discussion here or send it to us during the webinar in the chat function. Also be sure to follow along with on Twitter with #WEGOwebinar. Hope you’ll join us!


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