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Announcing: WEGO Health Widgets!

We’re very excited to be introducing a new feature to our community today: the Featured Community Content Widget.
We’ve been working hard here at WEGO Health to create a series of widgets that feature high quality content created by Health Activists. Each widget focuses on a single topic and highlights user-generated content: summaries and direct links to the best discussions, blog posts, interviews, podcasts, and videos that are taking place across the web.
Take a look at our new Featured Fertility Community Content Widget:

To see more of the content featured in the widget, simply click that “more” button.
As you can see, some of the links and summaries featured by our editorial team are from the WEGO Health community. Most of this content, however, was created on – and still lives on – other sites.
Because our mission here at WEGO Health is all about empowering Health Activists (that’s you!) to help others, we link directly to your content in our Featured Community Content Widgets. Our goal is to make sure the great content you create gets exposed to as many people as possible.
We’ve tested this widget with members of the WEGO Health community and we’d like to take a minute to share some of their frequently asked questions (and the answers) with you:
How do I put this widget on my own site?
If you’d like to get regular updates about great content within your community, or share this widget with your blog readers or fellow community members, simply click on the “get widget” link at the bottom of the widget. From there, you’ll be able to copy the embed code, or begin the process of embedding the widget onto your dashboard, iGoogle, Blogger, or other widget-friendly sites.
How is content selected?
WEGO Health’s editorial team searches for the most helpful, interesting, Health Activist created content on the social web. This is an ongoing process, so if you’d like your content featured, or if you want to recommend content created by someone else, click on the “submit” link at the bottom of the widget to let us know!
Who owns the content in this widget?
The Health Activists who created it. WEGO Health believes very strongly that you own what you’ve created and we don’t want to infringe upon that.
How can I report an issue (eg. broken links, questionable content, etc.)?
Just send us an email describing the issue and we’ll look into it right away.
Why are there ads?
These ads pay for the widget to appear on many other websites and health social networks around the web – we’re putting advertiser dollars to work, guaranteeing greater visibility for your content.
Can I suggest a topic for a new widget?
Of course! We’ll be introducing more widgets in the months to come, but if there’s a widget you think would be very beneficial to your community—please don’t hesitate to let us know by leaving a comment, or sending us an email.
We hope you’re as excited about this new WEGO Health feature as we are!

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