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FDA Social Media Hearings: Watch Live

Today and tomorrow, the FDA is holding hearings on Health Care Companies’ use of the Internet and social media tools. They are hearing from industry, consumer and goverment representatives, each given ten minutes to present their findings.

WEGO Health’s Jack Barrette, Bob Brooks, and Marie Connelly was chosen to present the results of our Health Activists and Social Media Survey. They will be speaking at 11:45AM today, and at 11:20 AM tomorrow.

You can watch the hearings live below.

Click here for standalone player

3 thoughts on “FDA Social Media Hearings: Watch Live

  1. Hi Bernard, I'm not sure if the FDA is recording the stream. If so, we'll be sure to make it available here!

  2. Bernard, turns out the only way to get the event recording is to buy a $300 DVD from FDA's appointed vendor – we'll find a link and post ASAP.

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