#HAAwards Finalists – Best in Show: Community Award!

Announcing the 2012 finalists for the Best in Show: Community Award!

Erin Smith
NYC Celiac Meetup
“As head of the NYC Celiac Meetup, Erin gives more than 1,500 people with Celiac
important news about the disease and the chance to get together at fun events
where we can get better at dealing with Celiac.  She’s tireless in her efforts
and a great inspiration to us all.”


Jay Drayer
“CareFlash enables friends and loved ones to come together
within the power of community – simply by enabling them to become and
to remain comfortably engaged in ways that foster better outcomes.”


Kelly Olexa
“They have brought together a community of like-minded folks who are
enthusiastic about healthy living, sharing their knowledge, and
encouraging others to live their best life possible!”

Kids with Food Allergies
“Kids with Food Allergies excels at sharing helpful advice
from parents who share the same concerns about caring
for their children who have food allergies.”


“Maggie has done more to raise awareness about women
and abuse online than any other single person, and she does it
through the power of women telling their own story,
and the identification and empathy that creates among the
supportive community she has built.”


Megan & Andrea
The Great Bowel Movement
“TGBM is making such a huge difference in every community,
in every individual who gains the strength and confidence
to bring their invisible illness to light. It’s truly amazing,
what Megan and Andrea have done.”


Paul Antico
Allergy Eats
“AllergyEats (www.AllergyEats.com ) is now the most comprehensive
source for finding allergy-friendly restaurants nationwide.”


Youth With Diabetes
“Youth With Diabetes (YWD) is a non profit organisation created
specifically to help kids, teens and young adults living with diabetes.
They are unique in that they are run by teens who themselves have diabetes.”



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